Each year the Dutch Banking Association (Vereniging van Nederlandse Banken) organises the Cash Quiz. The Cash Quiz is an educational quiz aimed at primary schools.

These lessons  are aimed at teaching children about money, saving, debit cards etc. For the 2019 lessons Detox Animation was asked to design, direct and animatie 6 video’s who are a part of these lessons.


For this project Detox designed 6 characters, each with their own “spending personality”,  for instance the Big Spender, the Saving Hero and The Accountant (rekenmeester). Based on these characters we’ve created 6 video’s of about 1 minute, each video explaining a different money problem. The quiz is used by the teachers to help kids find what character fits best with the way the childrens’ utilize money.


Have a look and figure out who’s who!


Detox was responsible for character & set design, modeling, rigging and animation.

Client: Nederlandse Vereninging van Banken

Agency: Shoq Amsterdam



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